XPlane 12 Nav Screen

Hi, I have downloaded and successfully installed Navigraph FMS Data Manager, Navigraph SIM Link and Navigraph Charts to my Windows machine running XPlane 12. One of the reasons I purchased the subscription is to update the moving Nav Map on XPlane 12 itself. I have the system setup with RealSIMGear and I am also using ForeFlight for flight planning and navigation. How can I update the Nav map on XPlane 12? Please see screenshot attached.

The airport diagrams and the rest of the moving maps come from scenery data, not navigation data, and therefore cannot be updated by Navigraph



Yep, Tim is right - thanks Tim.

But you can use our SimLink tool in combination with our charts - here you have also a moving map, sim independent, addon independent.

Hope that helps (thanks @Rodeo314 for your support!)

Thank you both! Since I’m already using foreflight which gives me everything I need, what’s the added benefit of using Navigraph? As I mentioned, I was under the assumption that Navigraph would update the airport diagram and moving map on XPlane 12 itself, clearly I was mistaken.

Thanks again for your input.

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