Charts in VR: requirement to re-login

I often switch between 2D and VR during a flight. When I do that and Navigraph in-game charts are open, Navigraph requires me to sign in again. Is that as intended? I mean, I am continuously running the same sim, do not stop the flight etc; why should another sign-in be required in that case?


I have great problems with keeping signed in to my Navigraph in-game panel as it tells me to sign in when switching between 2D and VR.
In VR, I can’t see the sign in screen, but have to go to the monitor and rescan the QR code to re-sign in.
Please make my subscription linked to me and let me switch between monitor and VR ( as it actually did work before the new in-game panel was released).
It’s really frustrating to have to sign in every time I switch between monitor and VR!
Thanks in advance.


Has this behaviour changed recently or has it always been like this for you?

We had a similar issue reported during the beta phase, but that was resolved.



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When loading the ingame panel for msfs with the pmdg 737-700 it askes to login everytime I open and close the panel. This just started and wondering if anyone else is having this problem.

Thank you

Yes since the update to version 8, I sometimes have to log in again when re-opening the charts. This is only when going from 2D to VR, as far as I have noticed up to now.

Hard to tell. I have to login occasionally, but never bothered to pay much attention as to when that happens. Today, the system asked me to login three times within one hour.
After I wrote the first post, I noticed that, in addition to the in-game panel, I also had the desktop version of the charts open. Could that have created the issue?

Speaking of in-game charts: is it possible to see VOR/NDB stations on the map? I can see them on the desktop version, but not in game.

Hi Stephen.
Thanks for your attention to my problem.
The login problem that I must redo the login for the Navigraph in-game panel every time I go from tge monitor to VR or vice versa, started with the “Chart 8”.

When using the VR headset I can’t login, so it’s a bit of a catch-22 situation.

It never happened with the “old” in-game panel.

Being a long standing customer and an admirer of your excellent product I am eager to find a solution to the issue.

Best regards

I have great problems with keeping signed in to my Navigraph in-game panel as it tells me to sign in when switching between 2D and VR.

Hi to all

I have exactly the same problem !
When I’m in VR and select the ingame menue for the charts a login is requested which I can only
do exiting VR. Once loged in changing back to VR it asks again for login ?

Thanks a lot for help


Same here, I start in 2D and charts then go into VR and is required to login which is a major inconvenience.
All this happened with the new application for FS2020.

Need to be adressed a.s.a.p for Naviraph so only max 1 login is required during the same session like in the previous in-game-chart app.


I was one of those reporting this during the beta testing and since release, it has work quite OK over here. Had to sign in again a few times but no big deal.

The last couple of days though, it’s almost back to what it was before. Where I’m in VR asked to sign in every second flight or often, even every flight.

As others mentioned, this is a true pain in VR since you need to remove your VR headset every time this happens. In order to see the web browser window waiting for your to sign in.

You were able to fix this before so I hope you’ll be this time as well.

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Can add to my last post saying I see the sign in when using the in-game panel not just in VR mode but also in 2D mode if that is of any help to you.

Last time, I provided some information using the web browser console. Don’t recall the exact details but let me know if you need any information and I’ll be happy to provide it for you if you just let me know the steps.

Hello to all:
I want to confirm that I have strange behaviour in VR.
At times, I have no problem opening Navigraph and the flight I am on.
But at other times, I get the “Sign In” requirement in VR, notwithstanding that I had everythiong open and working in 2D.
The most concerning issue, is that my mouse, freezes in VR and it requires that I return to 2D to be able to “free” it.

I have a 3080TI graphic card
Latest nVidia driver
Latest Navigraph download
Reverb G2 headset.


Same issue as others of us and it’s starting to be annoying to the point where I sadly find myself often skip using Navigraph in VR. Only because I’m so tired of having to remove my VR headset which I just put on in a perfect position. Only to sign in to Navigraph…again…

Let’s really keep our fingers crossed a solution to this is just around the corner!

Any updates for us on this issue Navigraph?

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Hi guys,

We are investigating this issue, but it is a bit puzzling as we did not make any updates to the panel since January 24, and it seems these issues started re-appearing only in the last week. Maybe there has been something changed in the sim with the AAU1 release. These are unfortunately largely undocumented parts of the sim ecosystem.

Of course it should not be required to sign in over again, but it might take some time to figure out what may be causing it this time. Please hang in there while we research.




Many thanks for coming back to us Stephen and for looking into the issue. Do let us know if we can be of any assistance.

I have the same problem. Everytime I go into VR I am signed out. Extremely frustating.

I do not use VR but I am suddenly experiencing the same issue. Every time I close the in game panel(not minimize it), I am required to login again. I had the beta and the new release but this behavior just started again today.

I’m having the same problem. Keeps wanting me to login via the webpage. Very difficult to keep doing in VR. Was working previously.


Sorry to nag you but did you have any positive progress so far? It’s such a pain using your product with this issue present.

Last time when I was discussing this issue with @skysail, I provided the screenshots below to him. After this, he was able to understand the problem and solved it quickly thereafter.

Wouldn’t it be something similar this time around? Based on how the issue we experience is exactly the same.