Charts inside of msfs2020

Great feature. And product! I installed this feature signed in and the charts appeared in the application. However, it seems as though when u sign out of msfs2030 and go back into it. Navigragh tells u to sign in again. I thought the link would know I’m a subscriber.
Maybe it is developed that way. Not sure.

They are working on a new in panel app so you won´t have to sign in every time. Hope is here soon.

Hi Neil,

Thank you for kind comments.

Please see Having to verify account every time? - #13 by skysail


I cannot install it as the video says “Private” Crap.

I have issue with navigraph, the fs2020 modifie my plan and make a lot of errores at the end of flight when i go to the airport to go to land, the fms make a false waypoint and change the navigation from GPS to nav 1 and change to nav 2 by imself. This make the aircraft go to erratic direction and get away to the runway and i can’t get i line to engage the ILS. during flight i change the fms to correct the mistake and they generated other waypoints to get the aircraft go anywhere. The generated so mistakes and the airport plan is not agree with fs2020, it is very confusing.

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