Having issues getting into simbrief

I am trying to get a flight plan but it keeps telling me that my user name and password doesn’t work. You can see my account??? also it is telling me that my email doesnt work?? Thank you

I think you have not answered if you would like to link the old SimBrief account. No account data has been created yet. Try to login again and link the old account.

yes, please… how would i do that??

Can you please email me my old account information. Thank you for all of your help.

Nothing is working???


I assume you are attempting to link/import your old SimBrief account and are receiving an error message?

I had a look in the database but could not find any old accounts that use your e-mail address. Do you recall how long ago you might have created your SimBrief account or last used it? And what e-mail or username you might have registered with?

I see the account you are posting from here was recently created. Note that you can also click the “I have never used SimBrief” button to bypass the account link page and get to the flight planning functions if need be.

If this doesn’t work or you are having a different issue, please send a screenshot of the error message you are seeing. Please see Posting Guide - Uploading Screenshots .