Hard Freeze of MSFS2020 - believe it's caused by Navigraph data

I have been having hard freezes of MSFS2020. These require me to power off my PC and then power on using the PC’s power button.

I have a flight from KSAN-KPWM using the PMDG737 and a Simbrief route that I consistently had the hard freeze about 2-3 hrs from takeoff.

After logical troubleshooting (removing all add-on scenery, turning off all AI aircraft, then emptying my Community folder, except for the PMDG737) I was able to repeatably complete the flight. I came to the conclusion that it was something in the community folder, so I started adding back the various folders, then adding my add-on airports backs, then full AI aircraft.

After gosh knows how many hours of letting PMDG737 fly the route on autopilot over and over and over, the bottom line that has resolved it: removing the Navigraph AIRAC from the Community folder.

Anyway, figured I’d mention it. I love Navigraph and happily pay the annual subscription, but it’s back to the blue whatever default AIRAC for me. Bummer, 'cause Navigraph is better.


Hi James,


My experience suggests this is unlikely to be an error in the Navigraph Navdata. It might be that flight plan causes some part of MSFS or PMDG to freeze. Try using a different flight plan for the route?


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