Freeze with 2104 and Cessna 208 in MS 2020

Hi Navigraph team,

me and a friend of mine got at the same place with the default C208 in NSFA, RWY 26 (MS 2020) a freeze with the newest airac cycle. After cleaning the whole community folder and trying only with the navdate, freeze. Complete empty community folder, no freeze. As well no freeze with the FBW Airbus A 320 neo.

Greets klaus

Hi Klaus,

We believe this is a sim limitation regarding the International Date Line. FBW and CJ mods work - they handle this.


I seem to be having the same or very similar issue (my freezes resolve themselves after about 20s or so, but it freezes every 5min or so, so not really playable) at NZCI.

Can you work around the limitations, perhaps by excluding some of the offending elements in Navigraph’s data? I mean the default nav-data obviously works, so whatever is causing the freezes must be triggered by something in the NG data, right?

Hi Sebastian

That makes no sense - how should we know, what “elements” we should exclude and what are “elements” for you?

We assume, that the main point here is the route-calculation (distance or more the time-ETA) between the waypoints, specially when terminal procedures or route, cross the IDL or are near the IDL. It looks, that there is somewhere a bug in the MSFS.

How do we come to this assumption?
The CJ4 from WorkingTitle as an example, has developed a complete own independet flightmanagement and here you see no freeze or delay. They handle the IDL crossings correctly with exactly the same data - with Navigraph or with the stock data - both are working as expected. We know (and that´s confirmed by ASOBO in their 3rd Party Dev Forum), that the in-game flightmanagement (beginning with the WorldMap too all the aircrafts which are equipped with Garmins, FMCs/Ss, …) are buggy or has a lot of limitations.

When I know such limitation, I know what I must do to avoid it - therefore it could be the reason, why the stock data has no delay/freeze - but in our case, we know nothing. We have only the confirmation from ASOBO, that this part in the game has a lot of unrealistic calculations, a lot of limitations due missing information and partly a few bugs.

Another point:
The Aerosoft CRJ don´t use the in-game data (stock or Navigraph). They use there own database. You will see no delay/freeze on these airport, even when you have installed our data because the CRJ uses also their own flightmanagement.

I would report this again to ASOBO/MS in their Zendesk ticketsystem. We have still don´t this for 5-6 months and I guess, that some user has also done this during the last couple of months. It´s not in our hand, and to exclude something only to avoid an internal limitation, can´t be the real solution.


Hi Richard,

Wow, strong words. I think what I meant makes sense even if I may not have expressed myself clearly enough. Let me try again. From Ian’s earlier response, I had concluded (perhaps rashly) that you were aware of the limitation in the MSFS FM system that was causing the freezes.

With “elements”, I meant individual records in the NG database, such as waypoints, airways, runways, approaches, and so on.

If you had been aware what the limitation was (which was my assumption), it should have been possible to identify which of these elements are triggering the limitation. Let’s say for arguments’ sake that airways crossing the IDL are the problem once the aircraft gets close enough to the IDL so they get loaded. Then a possible work-around would have been to split airways that cross the IDL systematically into an eastern and western part with new synthetic waypoints inserted on either side of the IDL as their starting points.

Again, I had (foolishly) assumed that you knew what the limitation was and could hence conclude what “elements” would trigger it. However, since the problem is fairly readily reproducible, I would expect that one could probably also figure that out experimentally.

Last but not least, have you tried asking MS or Asobo about what would trigger these freezes? They have obviously worked out how to curate their data to avoid doing so. You can truthfully tell them that it would be in their own interest to help you, since I have now tried twice to subscribe to MSFS and cancelled my subscription again within a day or so asking for a refund because the game is simply too unstable and I refuse to play it without up-to-date NG data. I’m sure, I’m not the only one.

I agree it would not be a “solution” and that the root-cause is the buggy FM implementation. However, a work-around that avoids the crashes until MS fixes their bugs would still be better than loosing subscribers, I’d say.

Anyway, I may try again in 6 months. For now I’ve cancelled my subscriptions again.


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