Navigraph data causing 787-10 freeze at SKLC

I have completed about 300 flights and never seen anything like this… I was careful to remove all causes of interference other than the 2 navigraph folders in the Community folder.

Its only happening at SKCC, using the 787-10 at with a route to MPTO, a freeze happens reliably when switching to external view at SKCC after programming the FMC and proceding with the usual start up steps.

here is the route:

to be clear: the freeze ONLY occurs when the 2 navigraph folders are present, and they were freshly deleted and reinstalled and the problem still occurs

sorry, not reproduce able on my system. I can use the 787 in SKLC without any problems. With and without our package loaded. No freeze - with or without the flightplan.

Does this happen only with the 787 or have you tried other aircrafts too

Here - the default 787, current MSFS v1.34.16.0 and AIRAC 2311 installed:

No freeze, no CTD, nothing … load/unload … can´t reproduce it, sorry.

I appreciate your help with this.

I have not tried starting from the runway with the systems started up.

The freeze occurs when starting from cold in one of the parking positions.

After programming the route and turning the engine starts on, the freeze happens when switching to the exterior view.

Sorry, still not reproduce-able.

Cold & dark cockpit - at medium gate - enter the route in the FMC and followed the start-up procedure till the engines are running - goto external view, no freeze, no CTD … switch back and again back to external view. No freeze, sorry …

Same as before - the default 787, current MSFS v1.34.16.0 and AIRAC 2311 rev. 3 installed:


Ok thanks I appreciate your help. As mentioned its a very unusual problem but I can reproduce it still so I will simply avoid this airport and report the issue to MSFS.

The question is:
Does this happened with any other stock aircraft too? Have you tried it because as you wrote, it is a very unusual issue and I’m honest (even it looks so), I can’t believe that this is really an navdata issue. Possible a combination with ither things.

I will analyze the SKLC airport record to see possible more details.

Cheers & thank you

PS: this airport is not certified for a 787 :sweat_smile:

thanks, I will let you know if it happens again. First time in over 300 flights so could even be a single-bit data corruption of something on my M.2 drive (hurry up zfs on boot!). Is there a tool that will check the integrity of all MSFS files?

PS> Navigraph shows the runway as being 6400ft x 148ft wide but in MSFS its severely out of date and only 60ft wide! From google earth the runway appears to have been rebuilt between 2017 and 2021.

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Its a few weeks later and I think I have identified the issue – Overclocked RAM. It was overclocked using the Manufacturer’s XMP profile but it was still causing crashes.

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Thanks for the update - it’s hard to find such issues. Great stuff and thanks for sharing your finding … even when it’s not your final solution.


I pretty should I have reply this problem with default aircraft 787-10. When I change ARR runway in fmc, the sim freeze, two times.I can see the usage of ram is rising over full. No ctd. just freeze.

So, to be confirmed:

  1. You are using the stock scenery, so no 3rd party scenery installed.

  2. All this happens only with our data installed … so, no freeze with stock data only

Is that correct? I can’t confirm it (stock scenery and our data installes cycle 2313). Sorry


Hello Richard,

For question1, for me it happen only on 3rd part airport

I am not sure if it happened without Navigraph airac, I always keeps your datas installed.
To avoid this issue, I just make less change as possible in FMC, specially in ARR page.

Best regards,

Kai FU

I too get no freezes with SID/STAR/APP at KSLC using default scenery and with Navigraph Navigation Data.

This looks like a 3rd party scenery issue. Try removing the 3rd party scenery to confirm.
Also make sure you have the latest version of 787-10:


Hello Ian,
I seem to have an idea about the CTD or stuck problem caused by FMC. I saw the correct way to use Navigraph Hub in another post. Players need to run the Hub in the background, but I always choose to turn off the Hub.
What I want to confirm is whether Navigraph Hub can avoid navigation data conflicts in the background when having a third-party plug-in airport such as FlyTampa EHAM.
Maybe Navigraph Hub being closed during the game is one of the reasons for freeze and ctd
Best regards

Kai FU