Game-panel to another PC in network?

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Not sure if I’m posting this subject into the right category…
Anyway, my question is if it’s in any way possible to put Game-panel into another PC2/monitor in my network?!
Having a special multi-monitor cockpit here which won’t work with an integrated window within the game PC1 environment.


Hi Morten,

Given the load/limitations of In-Game Panel in MSFS, why not run Charts separately on the other PC?


Hi Ian

Thanks for quick answering!

Just for your information, as it is, I’m still forced to use P3Dv5.3, as MSFS isn’t yet mature enough for actuel professional exercises…least of all, still not with ability to use mulimoniters as far as I know, which is absolutely essential for my setup!

Regarding to your answer specifically, so you’re telling me that putting the In-game Panel installation to my other PC2 in network won’t be any problem, and I can count on a proper working Simconnect to my actuel simulation PC1 in work with P3D. Is that correct understood?

No, I was saying why not run Chart 8 Desktop on the second PC.

BTW the Charts In-Game Panel is for MSFS only, and no other flight sim.


Okay then, what a drag…!
Until now, I wasn’t aware of the fact that it only works with MSFS.



The Charts application works with any simulator. MSFS, X-Plane, P3D and FSX. Just install the Simlink application on your simulator PC. And then install the Charts app on the computer where you want to view charts.

You find all downloads here: Navigraph



Ahaa, some good news here all of sudden!
Thanks for that one Stephen


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