Unable to move panel window to other monitor

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It doesn’t appear possible to move the Navigraph Charts Beta window off the main monitor to a side monitor (if we are using more than one monitor). Is this true?


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Is this possible with other panels? Are you running the simulator itself on multiple monitors or are you “externalizing” the panel window from the simulator?

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Yes, this is possible when you use something like MSFS Pop Out Manager…panels can be moved to other monitors. (https://flightsim.to/file/35759/msfs-pop-out-panel-manager).

Yes, I am running MSFS with three monitors, using the experimental feature to create two additional render windows.



I don’t see an example of this working for a panel, only instruments.

To clarify, how are you expecting the panel to show up on another monitor? In a popout state or inside one of the experimental (!) render windows?

We do not do anything in particular to prevent any such usage. Our panel should act like any other built-in panel such as the navlog or ATC, does it work with them?

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