In Game Panel

It would have been nice if I had known the In Game Panel is ONLY available on MSFS 2020! I have FSX-SE (steam) and after a weekend of attempts I finally saw deep into the website that it is for MSFS PC version. Poor transparency! I probably would have only gotten my usual updated SID/STARS instead of a maximum package that’s useless with my system. The only thing that I can do is see /have connectivity with my iPhone app and my system. However the phone is too small for me use during flight. Do I need to get an Apple tablet (like I have seen in You Tube videos) to create the same in flight experience? I have tried using a Windows laptop but it can’t communicate with simulator location on my desktop where I do believe an IOS based device will.


FSX is a very old platform and it does not have any browser environment that supports such integrations. On our product page, we mention that In-Game panel is for Microsoft Flight Simulator only: Navigraph - had it been for FSX we would have been explicit about it.

On your simulator computer, install and run Navigraph Simlink. I guess you already do if you have linked it to your iPhone. Then you can run Charts on any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, web), for example the Windows Destop version or the web version, on your Windows laptop, as long as it also has Internet connection. Just make sure you sign in to the same Navigraph account both in Charts and in Simlink.

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