No install instructions for p3d

how do you install this in p3d?? or has that platform been forgotten as is the usual with developers…everything seems to be msfs 2020 these days and p3d is still a viable platform…there’s no community folder in p3d so where do you install this as charts 8 does not show in fslabs A320 tablet

Hi Steve,
first of all welcome here at Navigraph and thanks for the question.

There was and is no In-Game-Panel for P3D like in MSFS. Both are different applications, with different requirements, build on different platforms - so you can´t “move” one app from one sim to another sim. Before MSFS, we haven´t seen a need or haven´t gotten any request to build such In-Game-Panel directly in the sim.

The EFBs in the 3rd party addon aircrafts are developed by the 3rd party developer. We “only” offer the tools, APIs, data to make this possible but we have no influence what they implement, the focus of the aircraft, or the implementation.

Again, we will look what we can do in the future but at the moment, there is no plan to add such In-Game-Panel in any other simulators too. We support all simulators, from FSX over X-Plane to MSFS and we try to offer the same quality in all sims but also we have limited developer resources and also we as company must consider what comes now, whats next, what are the current needs, and so on.

Hope that helps - Happy New Year :fireworks:

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