FSLabs & Cycle 2209

Today I updated the latest airac cycle 2209 for my FSLabs products. Unfortunately that seems to cause an FMGC Exception Error and makes the bus unusable. After restoring the airac cycle to 2208 and removing NAV2209001.rom from Navdata folder everything works perfectly again (In my case sadly after a 2h reinstall of all FSLabs Products). Does anybody have the same issues?

G’day Nexair, I had a similar issue a few cycles back and the fix was to clear out all the old .ROM files from your FSLabs nav folder.
I would suggest a search on the FSlabs forum for the correct way to clear out the old nav data which reaches a limit and then the 'bus becomes unusable as you describe.

Regards, Martin YBLT

I assume @stewamar is absolutely right because I can’t reproduce this issue here on my system. So, it’s worth to try deleting old FSLabs cycle files as Marin mentioned.

Thanks guys

G’day Nexair, I did a bit of digging on the FSLabs forum and came up with this relevant thread for you:


Hope this helps you.
Regards, Martin YBLT

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Thanks to all for the answers. I think that explains my experience and the error. I just couldn’t imagine that it could be due to too many Airac cycles causing this error suddenly. So I assumed that the error is caused by the Airac cycle itself. Obviously it is not ;.) Later today I will try to delete all the old Airac cycles and update again to the latest one.

Thanks again,

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