Cycle 2303 for Flight Sim Labs A320 corrupted

Latest cycle 2303 for Flight Sim Labs A320 installed, after starting FS Labs, I always get the message “FMGC Exception.Continue…”. After restoring to cycle 2302, FS Labs A320 is working as it should.
Any ideas about this issue?
E. Schellnegger

Have you tried removing all cycles prior to 2302 using the FSL Control Center ?

2303 loads fine here.

Confirm what @srcooke wrote … I also can´t see a “corrupt” FSLabs" file. Loads as expected. As @srcooke wrote, there is an issue when you have too many outdated cycle-files on your system, therefore please remove a few of them and I´m pretty sure, that all will be loaded correctly.

Thanks @srcooke … as always :wink:


Did as advised, and now it is working!
Thank you very much for your help :grinning:

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