FSLabsA320 no longer syncing AIRAC cycle with Navigraph


I am able to update my Navigraph FMS data manager to the current AIRAC cycle (e.g., current cycle is 2109 rev1).

However, when I run the FSLabs A320 in P3D v4.5, it no longer syncs with the updated cycle.

Additional info which may help solve the problem: when I try to back up the current data base in Navigraph FMS data manager I get the error in the screenshot below. Not sure if this is linked to the problem?

Thanks for your assistance.

I guess this is more a FSLabs issue as a navdata issue. This happens normally, when you have too many airac files (*.rom extension) installed in your navdata folder.

I have no idea, where your FSLabs navdata are installed on your system, but you can look for “NAV*.rom” files … the NAV2109001.rom file is the current one, all other rom-files are outdated and old. Make a backup of all these rom-files, delete all outdated rom-files (excl. the NAV2109001.rom) and then start the sim and try it again please. It should work - FSLabs has problems when you have stored too much old airac files.


Just to add to Richard’s post you can backup/delete all files EXCEPT XR60000000.lst located in the \FSLabs\NavData folder.

Thank you for the quick response. I will add I am in no way computer savvy; however, I am an airline pilot - so please bare with me on this as I would like it resolved.

I followed your instructions by deleting the outdated rom files. However I noticed the current cycle NAV2109001.rom file was not in the FSlabs/NavData folder - even though I have downloaded it through the FMS Data Manager.

The folder pathway has not been changed (it has always been automatic - Prepar3d v4 Add-ons). Which creates the FSLabs/NavData pathway where all the old AIRAC cycles are (except for the new one).

As a work around I added a manual pathway which created another FSLabs/NavData folder elsewhere. Then I downloaded the latest AIRAC cycle, actually found it, and then copied the NAV2109001.rom file and pasted it into the original Prepar3d v4 Add-ons/FSLabs/NavData.

Because I manually pasted the new AIRAC cycle into this location, now when I open P3D and FSLabs A320 the new cycle is there. So I suppose this is a work around. But I would like it to be automatic like it used to be.

Can you offer any solution as to why the latest airac cycle .rom file is not actually being downloaded into the oroginal FSLabs/NavData folder? Or can you offer any other suggestions?

Thank you for your assistance


In FMS Data Manager Addon Mappings tab,

Select and Remove any entries for FlightSimLabs A319/320-X/321-X.
Press +Add, for Please select an addon…, choose FlightSimLabs A319/320-X/321-X,
For Install into …, choose User Defined Folder and navigate to
C:\Users\username\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons only
Press Save

In Addon List select and Update entry FlightSimLabs A319/320-X/321-X.

Please let us know how you get on.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for the attempt above.

I did exactly as you said. Unfortunately, it would not link into the FSLabsA320 in P3D when playing the game.

I completely uninstalled, the FMS data manager, then deleted all old files (except I did save the XR60000000.lst as suggested by SROOKE above.

I then reinstalled everything, did as you said in the link above but still same problem, in the game the FSLabsA320 would not find load any database… therefore, I tried to automatic mapping option again, and then updated the new airac cycle and it was there. I loaded FSLabsA320 in P3D but then it wouldn’t work because it said the FMS had no NAVDATA… I then copied the XR60000000.lst file into the automatic mapping NavData folder, reloaded FSLabs320 in P3D and it seems to have worked…

See the image attached: this is now what my mapping pathway looks like, and what is now in it after the reinstall…

I hope what ever was wrong with the old installation is now fixed… I suppose I will only find out when the next AIRAC cycle becomes available…

Any thoughts on what I have said above? Do you believe the issue may now be resolved?

Many thanks


I am pleased the autodetection worked as it should.
The files look to be in the correct folders.
I guess we shall see with AIRAC 2110 due 7 Oct 21.

Happy flying

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