X-Plane Load error

Hello, I am not sure if this is an x-plane error or fms database error. I am inserting a screenshot of the message I receive during the startup of x-plane. This started after updating to cycle 2013. Also, I keep receiving a “nav cycle out of date” message on magknight 787 aviator. I did not capture the bottom part of the message but it says “x-plane 11 is not compatible with navadata files made for x-plane 10.” After which x-plane shuts down.


Hi Have you read FAQ - Nav Data Out Of Date ?
Also your screenshot is not visible so try Posting Guide - Uploading Screenshots

Update: Can see your screenshot now. :smiley:
Are you using FMS Data Manager or doing a Manual install?, if so you sure you picket the correct addon from the list?
Are you trying to use the download from the FAA CIFP page as well as Navigraph data?
Be careful trying to mix databases.
Check out Philipp’s Article on the LR Dev site about X-Plane 11 Navdata.
stephen (cessna729).

Hi, Cessna729, I am using the FMS Data Manager to update air cycles. No, no mixing of databases. I am including a screenshot of my Custom Data directory for X-Plane 11 and my FMS Data Manager. It has worked great before but happened and I am not sure what changed. Thanks!

Ok 1st thing that looks suspect is the folder “navdata” in your “Custom Data” folder.
That should be in the “GNS430” folder.

If you are just using X-Plane 11 the “Custom Data” folder should look like this:

Then if you need to use the 3rd party aircraft eg. FF B757/767/777 ect that use the GNS430 folder it should now look like this:

Re your “nav cycle out of date” message:

Do you still have the same problem if you start X-Plane and just load the default B737?

stephen (cessna729).

Hello again, Cessna729, thanks for the information thus far. I have adjusted the navdata folder under Custom Data to only be in GNS430 folder. Unfortunately, I still have the same message from my original error which prevents X-Plane from loading and shuts down the sim.

Hi …
one additional tip - delete the CIFP folder completely and re-install the cycle via the FMS Data Manager. I guess, there are some FAA files in the CIFP folder which are not compatible.

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Richard, getting rid of the CIFP folder did the trick. I am going to look at the MagKnight 787 and see if it is still showing “nav cycle out of date”.


Yes, I am still receiving Nav Cycle Out of Date" message in the MagKnight 787 Aviator edition. These addon aircraft should pull the nav data from Custom Data correct?

Hi AFAIK, the Magknight Aviation Magknight 787AE (assuming that is the aircraft you have the problem with?) uses the same dataset as:

addon name=“X-Plane GNS430, FF757/767/777, X-Crafts Embraer E-175, Aerobask SkyView, JRollon Planes CRJ200, JARDesign A320/A330, ToLiss A319 (XP10), STMA Aircraft, Magknight 787AE” .

That is it expects to see a GNS430 folder in your Custom Data folder as shown in my last pic.
Also make sure you have the X-Plane 11 date set so it’s within the ‘valid’ period of the AIRAC cycle your using.

If you still have a problem after that, I suggest you follow what Richard said and:

  1. Exit X-Plane.
  2. Then removing all the files from your /Custom Data folder (don’t remove the folder itself, just the contents).
  3. Running FMS Data Manager again, and updating both X-Plane 11 and the Magknight 787AE.
  4. Exit FMS Data Manager.
  5. Then run X-Plane 11 again, and see if you still have problems, using both the Default B737 and the Magknight 787AE one after another.

If you do have a read of this : FAQ - Installing Navdata AIRAC Updates

stephen (cessna729).

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buenas, tengo un problema con el FMC al poner el destino pone “invalid entry” con los airac 2010 al 2014 y no carga el arhivo .fms y adjunto mi LOG.txt.

Tambien reinstale el avion con todo y los airac por default, y asi no quiere. porfavor ayuda me.

good, I have a problem with the FMC when putting the destination puts “invalid entry” with the airac 2010 to 2014 and does not load the .fms file and I attach my LOG.txt.

Also reinstall the plane with everything and will air them by default, and you don’t want to. please help

Log.txt (241.1 KB)

you load a existing flightplan, right? This flightplan looks outdated and therefore ypu get the message.

Yes, I also did a manual install of the FMS and GNS430 software. I no longer see the issue with 787 Aviator.

good, I can’t get it to accept the start and destination airport, I have the airacs 2014, xp11 11.51 r1, vulkan, b787 v1.6.6 I’m already tired I don’t want to, help me please.

I do not want to, I already deleted all the files from the custom data folder and put the files back manually

Hi Cherry89, make sure that you put the origin (start) and dest (Destination) using the function buttons next to those two choices. There are many Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARS) and Standard Instrument Departures (SIDS). I still found there are a number of SIDS, STARS and Waypoints not available even with all the proper updates for Navigraph.

Make sure you click Clear to clear out the message in the scratch pad (NOT IN DATABASE) message. Then you should be able to type in Origin and Destination airports.