Wrong active dates for AIRAC 2101 (FSLabs)

Could there be an error in the 2101 AIRAC as it shows NAV2101001 31DEC-27JAN (FSLabs)?

same here. it shows 2101 but the dates are for 2014:

pmdg looks correct:

Hello Jamie and Mike! Welcome to the forum!

I have moved your posts here as they seem to deviate from the original topic. So far, I get that this is an issue with the FSLabs only? As PMDG seems to read it correctly. We are investigating and will advise once we have more information!


Thank you Malte,

I do have a few other add-ons, Aerosoft A330/ FSTramp/ Majestic Dash8, all seem fine.

So for me FSLabs A320 series only.

edit: I have deleted all older databases to make sure it isn’t a wierd FSLabs bug.

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This is confirmed to be an issue with the FSLabs way of computing the valid dates. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this! Perhaps you could post about the issue in their forum?


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Allright will do so! Thanks!

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Thanks! Thought it was a problem on my side, took me a few hours to check everything…

My ‘latest’ Navigraph Manager is not updating the FMS FSLabs Navdata.

Help please. FSLabs is in the default location.

Hi Dave,

I have moved your post to this topic which addresses the issue. It seems like an FSLabs issue.


Thank you Ian. I hope there is somebody there that can help.

I checked with FSL and it seems that the latest update is bugged as It’s unsuitable for other models too.

I am hoping that Navigraph will address this problem promptly?

Sorry, in this case, we can´t help because we only provide the cycle-number but no from-to date, which you see in FSLabs FMC. As Malte wrote, it seems a bug in the FSLabs way of computing the valid date for this cycle. So, please inform FSLabs of this, we can´t help here, sorry …


The problem is confirmed as an FSL issue as posted on their forum and is fixed for the next release.


Okay, If that is so? Why then is PMDG reporting the same issue? As for the ‘Manager’, I have found that useless. I have tried manual downloads and although they have gone in, the statement that they are ‘out of date’ remains. C’mon Navigraph, you can do better than this.

Dave, please avoid double postings - thank you.

You will find the answer here:


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