FSHud - wrong radio frequencies using latest Navigraph AIRAC


I posted on the FSHud forum that FSHud uses different radio frequencies than what Navigraph data/charts use, especially when the comms use 8.33 kHz spacing as is often the case in Europe.

For example at LSGG (all apps have been updated with the latest AIRAC):
Geneva Clearance
Navigraph charts: 121.680
MSFS ATC sim (installed Navigraph navdata): 121.680
Little Navmap: 121.680
FSHud: 121.670

Geneva Approach Final
Navigraph charts: 120.305
MSFS ATC sim (installed Navigraph navdata): 120.305
Little Navmap: 120.305
FSHud: 120.300

I suspected FSHud ignoring 8,33 kHZ spacing but I’ve got the following reply from the FSHud developer:


There is a table of LittleNavMap database that we are getting from from Navigraph.

Following this table - there is nothing common with FSHud at this moment.

You may find out that 8,33 KhZ com spacing is completely ignored by Navigraph in this table.

Besides that, FSHud is agnostic to Frequency spacing at all - it just uses the “numbers” it gets from Navigraph.

You’re more than welcome to post this issue with this Image above on Navigraph support forum. This may cause more faster fix of the problem on their side. But you have to provide the image and mention that it was taken from LNM Database.

Now, I came across this thread on your site that refers to an issue with the LNM data format used by FSHud (Navigraph and FSHUD - Navigation Data / General non MSFS data - Navigraph). Strange as it is, the Little Navmap program itself uses correct comms.

If this issue is indeed related to the data format, does this mean that FSHud will not get the correct radio frequency values unless its developer decides to use a different data format, or is there something that could be done on your side?

yes, the databases for LNM and FSHud are 100% the same and when you look into the LNM data, you see exactly what values above:

Here, directly from LNM using our database:

So, there is no difference to FSHud … but it is/was correct, that we haven´t offered the 8.33 kHz frequencies - I have fixed this last week and you can expect it with the next upcoming AIRAC 2311.

Here the new values from our source

comparing with the charts:

So, this should be fixed with the next upcoming cycle.
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This is great news, thank you for your reply!

Kind regards

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