FSHud usage after Navigraph unsubscription

Following the end of my Navigraph subscription, I can no longer use the FSHud application which uses AIRAC 2101 while MSFS2020, as well as Little Navmap and SimBrief uses the last AIRAC installed, before unsubscription (AIRAC 2305).
Please explain to me how to do so that I can use FSHud with the latest AIRAC installed.

FSHud uses a own proprietary format for his application and therefore you “fall back” to the default AIRAC cycle which is shipped with FSHud. We offer every addon developer a default cycle (at least one year old) for their initial setups (release date). In most addons, you can backup the cycles by your own but in that moment, where you re-install the addon you will fall back to the default cycle - that´s not FSHud specific. That happens also in LNM as an example …

But as I wrote, FSHud is special because the developer uses a own format, and also he is the responsible person for releasing the AIRAC cycle. We (Navigraph) offer him only a basic-file, which he uses to generate the proprietary format. What I know is, that it´s not possible to backup the FSHud cycles by your own - there is an workflow behind, where you need the server from FSHud.

… on the other hand, when you want to stay in sync between MSFS and your addons, you run into an issue latest with 2306 due the different sources and cycles between MSFS, LNM and FSHud (+ all your other addons, when you use some).


FSHud support refers me to you so that I can use the AIRAC 2101 on MSFS and Little Navmap.

FSHud Message:
It was Navigraph decision to give us (this specific AIRAC 2101), while they’ve said to use it for all non Navigraph subscribed users.
Therefore, you should ask Navigraph how to use AIRAC 2101 for another add-ons that they support.
It is completely outside of FSHud scope (data for another add-ons and Simulator).
Thank you”

And please stop passing the buck, I’m not an object!
Thank you in advance for your answer, which I hope will be positive!

Hi again,
correct, the default AIRAC cycle for FSHud is the cycle 2101 … so, as the FSHud support wrote correctly, these cycle will be used for all “non Navigraph subscribed” user.

To use outdated cycles for your other addons, you can download each package from our webpage and backup somewhere on your hard-disc that you can revert to an older cycle whenever you want. The installer itself doesn´t need any subscription and you can use it so long and so often you need it.

But again, as I wrote before - to backup an installer is a manual process by your own. So when you want to save the cycle due any specific reason you must download and backup the installer in the same period as the cycle because we don´t offer outdated cycles.

Hope that helps,

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