LOAV Frequency wrong with Navigraph

Dear Navigraph Team,
sorry to say again, but the frequencies are wrong in the Navigraph datas. The main frequency should be 118.605. But in your Datas are since Navigraph Cycle 2108 there is a 2nd frequency with 122.305.
Now with Navigraph Datas in it the MSFS uses the wrong Frequency 122.305 and not longer 118.605. If I remove the Navigraph Cycle 2111 from the MSFS then there is only the right frequency 118.605. 122.305 does not longer exist then. So please remove the second frequency 122.305. As a PPL Student at LOAV I know, that there is only 118.605 in use. No other frequency exists in real live.

This is the shown frequency-list without Navigraph datas in MSFS - Tower 118.605 is correct:

And this are the shown frequenciy-list with Navigraph Cicle 2111 installed in MSFS:

So it is a clear error in your Datas. Please remove 122.305 from the list. It’s wrong!

Here my Original Jeppesen Chart:

From the official AIP Austria LOAV AD 2.24-1-1 Aerodrome Chart:

You see the frequency is still existing - of course that doesn´t mean it´s in used but Jeppesen gets the data from the official government sources and thats the official source. Sorry …


But your Sheet is outdated (look at the bottom of your chart) - and then look at the top of my chart:

Website Austro Control:

And sorry, but the MSFS is using the frequency 122.305 if the navigraphdata are loaded. And that’s wrong. When the navigraphdatas are not loaded then it’s correct.
The 118.605 will shown as not used in the ATC from MSFS when the navigraph datas are loaded. So it is definitly wrong working with your datas. So it is a problem of navigraph not msfs (because its working correct without navigraph) Maybe you have to assign the frequency to the tower, that it will work correctly for the msfs. And I know, that you used this chart also last time for argumentation. it makes it not better - because the MSFS is not working correctly with your datas! So please belive me, when I say to you as a PPL student with homebase LOAV that nobody will ask for this other frequency 122.305.

When you have two equal type of frequencies, you have no influence what frequency the ATC will be used. That´s a part of the sim and not a part of the data. In the stock data you have only two frequencies of different types therefore the sim has only one choice of each ATC type and therefore it looks good for you.
But again, you have (not only we) no influence which frequency the ATC will be used, when you have more than one equal type.

The charts are the official one from the AIP Austria. As I wrote and as you also see on these charts have two different frequencies for the AD Operation. That DOES NOT mean, both are in used but there are two frequencies available and official published.

Also as I wrote, the source provider uses only the data which they are receiving from the official government of each country in their standard-records - and the AIP Austria shows/publishes these frequency, that´s fact - believe it or not.

Last, the ATC type of both frequencies are INF for Information.

Here are the official links from the AIP Austria - when you mean something is wrong here or outdated, please report this to Austro-Control - thank you:

AIP Austria - LOAV:

Here the directly link to the LOAV airport charts, which I have used for my screenshot - also directly from the AIP Austria:


I know i am annoying again. But your datas (even if the information come fron Austro Controll website) are outdatet. See at your link:

Here is the Link to the official Aeronautical Chart - ICAO 1 : 500 000

And there is the only frequency 118.605. Look:
Luftfahrkarte Austro control

And the ATC in MSFS uses the wrong one. For me as a customer it does’nt care why. But when it works without your datas and not work with your datas - maybe then you could fix it!?


No, we could not fix this and I have tried to explain it why, sorry - that´s a logic of the sim and behind our wall. And as I wrote before, the Austrian Government (Austro Control) doesn´t offer newer data it looks like - these are the official (even outdated or not) published data and that´s the official source.

Feel free to report this to Austro Control

Austro Control GmbH
Aeronautical Information Service
Towerstrasse Objekt 120
1300 Wien-Flughafen
TEL: +43 (0)5 1703 / 2051
FAX: +43 (0)5 1703 / 2056
EMAIL: nof@austrocontrol.at
TEL: +43 (0)5 1703 / 2051
FAX: +43 (0)5 1703 / 2056
EMAIL: nof@austrocontrol.at


This is the official current nformation from the AustroControl. Look at page 16. There is only one frequency and this is 118.605. So i dont have to inform Austro control, because the Information from there is correct! It’s your company which is using outdated Informations!
LO_AD_2_LOAV_en.pdf (314.5 KB)

Here is the Link from the Austro Control where you will get the right informations: https://www.austrocontrol.at/jart/prj3/ac/data/dokumente/AIP_AUSTRIA_211104_2021-09-20_0709735.zip

The link is from Austro-Control and not from the AIP, which is the base of the data. You see these also on the Eurocontrol AIP page:

It´s exactly the same aerodrome chart with exactly the same frequency. You see, it´s unclear what is right and what is wrong. When something is really wrong, than the Austro-Control doesn´t update the AIP correctly but that´s not an mistake on our side or on Jeppesen side. It´s a in-house issue it looks like.


Dear Richard!

As a Customer I am a little dissapointed. I don’t want to argue with you. I only want to work with the MSFS correct. The problem is, that I use also a different ATC APP (Pilot2ATC) and I also want to hear the correct ATC chatter from the MSFS at the same time (only to know which traffic is arround me). And I can’t because with your datas MSFS tells me that 118.605 (also the correct frequency) is not a valid frequency. And it only uses the 122.305 which does not exist in real. So what can i do!? I have to use the MSFS without your datas. But what for I am paying for then? So the consequenses will be that I am frustated and will cancel my ABO at Navigraph. Is that what you want? Or is ist possible to cancel a wrong frequency (122.305) from you datas that nobody wants, that is definitly outdated and is a problem for your customers?

PS: Till Cycle 2107 all worked fine… :wink:

I have tried to explain you, how the process works and how the data source provider gets their data from whom. Nobody of us, want that you cancel your subscription but on the other hand, there are technical limits (like the MSFS ATC limit) and organization limits (like the provided data from the countries) what are not in our hand. We are not in the position to decided what is right and what is wrong, we trust the data and what we see on the AIPs. The information on the AIP Austria is clear and this information is not only a local information as I have shown you, it´s the international/official one which will also Eurocontrol gets.

… and to your PS … this is the proof, that something was changed in the sim because both frequencies were also available in 2107/6/5/4 … till the very first release of the data.


OK. So thanks for your paitient. I am a little frustrated, because how can I explain to Microsoft that there is something wrong with there ATC datas when it’s not wrong without your data’s? I think they will say that all is OK - which is correct from their point of view… I’m in a quandary now… :frowning:

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