Incorrect Navigraph VOR Freqs In Little Navmap

Hi. I like to VOR hop and have been having occasional issues with encountering non-working VORs. This happened with a VOR a couple days ago and I actually compared with an FAA webpage and another simmer, and it looks like my LNM is displaying the wrong VOR frequency while stating that it’s getting its info from Navigraph.

The VOR in question. This should be 116.95.

I have confirmed that I have the most recent AIRAC data from Navigraph Hub, as well as ensured my LNM Scenery Library is up to date. Can anyone help me get this sorted?

I have checked it in LNM and I have 116.95:

Latest LNM version with AIRAC 2309 installed:

Can you show us, the same screenshot with your values please … specially on the top in the title-line - do you really have N 2309?


PS: to be more clear - the LNM dataset will not be installed via the Navigraph Hub but via the FMS Data Manager (or via the manual installer)

Thanks. I did not know this. I’ve done that and LNM is displaying the correct frequencies.

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