ENVA Missing waypoints?

Made a flight to Aerosoft ENVA.

ILS09 via BAMPU transition and the VEVO1L STAR.
The charts is showing correct but the FBW Airbus didnt add
VA412, BEDVI, VA411, VA410…

Instead it added some USER waypoint and after NEDIV it started to follow that one, aircraft initiated a 180 turn to the left so had to vector myself.


Hi Chris,
this is also a sim limitation, or a bug (can´t 100% verify) and one of two reports which are still open at ASOBO (one is the approach-transition issue and one the “removing” waypoint issue, when you add an approach).

Look at here, there was a similar report at Dublin (EIDW) and there are a lot of such situation worldwide:

You can test it by your own in the worldmap:
select the VELO1L STAR only (approach still on automatic)

Looks good so far …

… and now, add your specific approach, in your case ILS09:

You see, the STAR is cutted at NEDIV and the approach starts at BAMPU … why? We don´t know but that´s a general issue in the sim-engine also and has nothing todo with the using navdata. It happens with the default NavBlue data also.


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