FS2004 FMC Airac update?

Hello all , since long time i’ll be dowload FMC updates for FS 2004 , but i’ve stopped it during three years , so i’m coming back now but is there no FMC Airac update for FS2004 or i don’t find them…
Someone can ask me about that ?
Thanks to help me .

for which addon? We never had updated FS9 itself, only 3rd party addons. So the question is, for what addon do you look for the update…


Hello , it’s for PMDG .(MD11)
During several years (about ten years) i’ve dowloaded Airacs for PMDG FMC …



Yes, Navigraph still provides FMS Data update of the PMDG MD11 for FS2004.


Hello Ian , it’s a good new , but the question now is ; how get it , impossible to find it in the new interface , would you like give me a link please ?
thanks .

Hi Xav,
when you are logged in in the webpage, you see in the top/right corner your username, click on it and select → Your account

Then you have left a sub-menue, here goto → FMS Data and open the “FMS Data Manual Installation” tab

After that you see all addons, select the one you want and click on the “Windows” button for download the installer. Thats it.

Hope that helps,

Hello richard , here is what appened when i do it :

Hi Xav,
it looks like, you have download the FMS Data Manager in the same time as we had upload it … please download it again and try the installation again. Let us know, if you have still problems …
Thank you,

All right Richard , i try again , and i will back , thanks a lot for your heip .