Data manager will not update PMDG Airac 2202 for FS9

I have been trying for several days to update my FSX to the latest cycle. Presently Ihave 1102 so you can see it is very outdated. I have successfully downloaded the Data Manager file ( many times) however when the screen opens so I can select update, The UPDATE button doesnt do a thing. BTW I DO have a current subscrption.

which addon for the FSX try to update?


PMDG for Msfs 2004 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In FMS Data Manager Settings page, make sure your Flight Simulator 9 path is correct.

Please post a screenshot.

Press Save.

In Addon Mappings page, press Scan. Do you now show PMDG (All Compatible Products) for FS9?

In Addon List page select addon and Update .


Sorry, I can’t follow you … In your initial posting you wrote FSX. Now its FS2004?

But Ian has given you a good answer, to check the path … FS9 or FSX, whatever sim you’re using now.


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