Where do I find the AIRAC 2104?

Hello , how can have airac 21/04 ?

Ihave paid sir my CB is debit …!!!
What hapened ?
I have a mail he said : paiment ok !!!
I want 21/04 Airac now Sir !!!

the forum is a friendly forum for everyone and normally of everyone … so a “please” is not a mistake …

Due the lack on information, what you want to update (sim, addon, which tool) here you a “Getting started”


Richard , in first i receive a message who say : is there a problem with your paiement , so i have the proof i’ve paid my subscription , when you want i send this proof …

Second , i’m French , (i think you know that🙄) , and for a long time ago customer , you will make some efforts for traduce your texts , it’s easy for you to write in English , but for me it’s not the same …sorry …i hope you don’ t enjoy about that sir .

Now when i red the message who say : you haven’t paid your subscription , understand sir , i was so angry ! I’m not a gangster , i pay when i must pay …

Xavier .

Hi Xavier,

We confirm you have a paid up FMS Data subscription.

Please advise what steps you have taken to update your navdata to AIRAC 2104. Are you using FMS Data Manager or Manual Install?

Please post screenshot of error message using Guide to posting Screenshots


Hi Ian , good morning ,
Ok .
I’ve took manual installation , you know i don’t understand how this new Navigraph face work …:roll_eyes: and i do how i can …

Hi Xavier,

So is all working for you?


Yes Ian , but i’m afraid for 21/4 update because when i’ve install Navigraph log on my , my pc was out after …i’ve totally réinitialise my pc because FS don’t work again …!?

I’ve tell of this to Richard who said to me : it’s your system fault …
So with the same Pc until 2020 with the old Navigraph system , all was ok …?!

I understand nothing :thinking:

Hi Xavier,

We are pleased that your have AIRAC 2104 installed and working.

If you should have difficulties with AIRAC 2105 in 4 weeks please advise. We shall be happy to assist.


Not Ian i haven’t downloaded 21/4 , the last time it was 21/3 , so i’ve a question : if i download it wis a Mac , does he work on an Windows system ?

Xavier - the question was from you “Where do I find the AIRAC 2104?” (see your title) …
This question is answered. Ian and I have given you all necessary details and you confirmed that you have used the “manual installer”.

The “manual installers” are simple tools, to copy the in the installer included data into the correct folders of your sim. Not more and not less. The installer doesn´t add any registry-keys, doesn´t change any system-files, doesn´t change any config files - not on your OS, nor in your sim. It´s simple a copy-tool that you don´t need it by hand - nothing more.

Therefore, this topic is answered - don´t hesitate to open a new topic, when you have a new question Xavier. We will help where we can.

Thank you,

Hi Richard ,
It’s because i’ve seen a message who said : error of paiement , it’s over now :blush:

I’ve ask another question , perhaps you can answer it ; if i download Airacs with an Mac system , do it’s possible to work it with an Windows system ?

Note : if i was angry yesterday , and hurt you , you must know i’m sorry for that , sometimes i’m impulsive :roll_eyes:

Thanks for your help .