Fms wont update

I have tried everything under the sun but my PMDG products will not update to the current airac cycle

Hello, some possible suggestions;

  1. Ensure that you have a valid Navigraph navdata subscription.
  2. FMS data manager is pointing to the correct PMDG folder for the update.


How do I know which is the correct folder?

In latest FMS Data Manager Settings tab check you have correct FS path. Press Save.

If unclear, please post screenshot showing FS path

In Addon Mappings tab select and remove any PMDG entries. Press Scan, then Save

If unclear, please post screenshot showing PMDG Mapping:


For the second picture please scroll down and post the Flight Simulator paths and confirm they are correct for your install.


It wasn’t, but I changed it.

Assuming your FS path was determined by searching rather than typing, you should be ready to hit Scan in Addon Mappings to detect PMDG (all compatible products).


It was done by typing

So when you Scan in Addon Mappings do you get the PMDG (all compatible products) entry in Addon Mappings.?


Yes everything goes as it should but the fmc does not update

It will be quicker if you provide more detail in your replies.

Please post screenshot of Addon Mappings showing PMDG (all compatible products) entry.

Have you selected the PMDG (all compatible products) in Addon List and pressed Update? Do you see the install occurring in the status bar at bottom left?

Please post screenshot of PMDG FMC Ident page:



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