FMS Not Updating

I recently had to uninstall the boxed version of FSX along with all my addons, and then dowload the FSX Steam Edition. When I reinstalled my addon Wilco 737 PIC the FMC is out of date. When I try to update the FMC via the Navigraph site, it says it downloads but the FMC in the plane is still out of date. Am I missing a step. I really appreciate your assistance. Thank you!



Please see FAQ - Nav Data Out Of Date. Check you aren’t loading a saved situation.


Hi Ian. I’m a bit confused. Just a note, prior to purchasing FSX Steam I tried a repair on my box version, then I did a complete uninstall/reinstall. Both times uninstalling and reinstalling my add on Wilco PIC 737. So each time I had to run the navigraph update. Is there a limit to how many times a subscriber can update? I just can’t seem to get the FMC to update on the FSX Steam Version. I really appreciate your help. Thank you!


Hi Kevin,

There is no limit to downloads during your subscription.

I suspect the mapping of your FSX Steam in FMS Data Manager.

Make sure you have installed the latest FMS Data Manager.

In Settings tab ensure your FSX Steam is correct. If you like post a screenshot using
Guide to posting Screenshots.

In Addon Mappings tab post a screenshot showing Wilco entry mapping.


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