Feelthere/Wilco Airbus Series

Good Day,

I purchased the Feelthere, Wilco Airbus series aircraft. The problem is the FMC data does not wat to update. I have tried selecting Wilco/Feelthere 737/777 which copies the files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\FeelThere

But still, the database is not updating

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Hi Richard, Can you advise me on how to update the FMC data? And how can I check if it is updated?

For sure Anthony … the correct location for the Wilco Airbus´s are:
<your sim-root>\FeelThere\nd

In this folder, you should have at least the nd.mdb file which is the AIRAC file. So you´re screenshot is partly correct, move the files into the “nd” folder and you have the AIRAC installed correctly.

When you use the FMS Data Manager, you should have these mapping (but instead of FSX - FSXS, because you use the Steam version):

Hope that helps

Cheers mate. Appreciated

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