Latest Air cycle 2202 will not download

I have signed in with a current account to download latest air cyclebut the page I get simply states that I do not have any addon mapping. The update button does nothing. The older version of Navigraph had a screen that allowed more options. Any help would be appreciated.

what do you mean by the “older version of Navigraph”?

What do you want to update, which addon?
Can you post a screenshot please?

Thank you,

Sorry but I donht know how to send you a screen shot. I am trying to update my Airc to the latest cycle, I believe 2292. By :old version" I meant the Navigrapgh website used 6 months ago or so. The screen I now get tells me that I do not have any addon mapping. I have been away from FSX for quite awhile and notined that my Airac cycle was outdated.

Screenshots can be provided using Guide to posting Screenshots


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