FMC not updated

I bought subscription on navigraph and i have Navigraph Simlink Status and Navigraph charts but still my FMC in Boeing 737-800 in X-Plane 11 is outdated for example i can not find aproaching SID KUKA4G from EPWA to EPKK and few more so i think i have to install something more or do somnething in Navigraph charts but im new here and i dont have any idea what to do, also i texted support but they responded me to text here on forum, so im waiting for replies.

and welcome … thanks for your posting.

How have you updated the XP11 data? Via the FMS Data Manager?

Please check the X-Plane 11 path on the Settings page, here:

The path what you see on your screen, is that your path, where you start your X-Plane 11 version on your PC? Please upload a screenshot of your settings page.

Additional, do you have more than one XP11 installation on your system?

Last, can you also upload a screenshot of your Addon Mappings please? I assume, you have scanned your system before and X-Plane 11 was detected automatically … right?

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Ok i didnt know i have to install it but i did it and theres my screenshots:

Should i do something more?

Looks good so far - but you haven´t updated it …

You see the status of both addons are Ready to update … so, click on the checkbox and press the Update button. After that it should change the color to green with the current cycle number in it.

Please close X-Plane 11 before you update anything …


Ok i did it and last question do i have to turn on Navigraph Simlink and Navigraph FMS Manager to have current data on my FMS or its in game data and i have to open apps only to update data?

Simlink is an interface to show your position on the charts (moving-map) - so this tool runs automatically in the background (normally). The FMS Data Manager is only the update tool for the AIRAC cycles, so this tool must only be used, when a new AIRAC cycle comes out and you will update the data in your sim and/or addons with this new cycle.

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Ok, understandable. Thanks Richard for Your support!

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