MSFS2020 Navigraph will not find it on my computer

Try as I may I can not get Navigraph to recognise and log into MSFS 2020.It is as it does not exixt. It updates Microsoft FS Steam edition which I have removed from my computer after it crashed.
What do I need to do to get it to work?

I’m not 100% sure if I understand you correctly, but do you happen to try to update FMS data in MSFS? If so, are you using navigraph Beta and not the normal one?

Correct, for the MSFS 2020 you need own/new client beta 19. You can’t update the MSFS via the FMS Data Manager …

Hope that helps

Thanks for your replies All I know is that I subscribed to Navigraph some time ago. My subscription is upto date.Until my computer crashed 2020 August time I used Navigraph with FSX steam edition. Once the computer was repaired I took the opportunity to upgrade my flight sim and purchased MSFS2020. However Navigraph will in no way recognise MSFS2020 and keeps refering back to FSX steam edition ,which has been removed from my computer. In short I am paying Navigraph for nothing.The refresh page shows no sim present. The route planning page I have yet to find. Money on the solution is easy but not known to me.


Hi Mick,

It’s unclear from your response if you actually installed and tried with the beta. The beta shouldn’t even mention the old and other Sims, so I’m assuming you are still trying to use the default FM’s data manager.

Please download and install from this link and try again:

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Hi Mick,
read the FAQs please. As Ihave wrote an also @Ircghost now: the MSFS Update has an OWN client which IS NOT the FMS Data Manager.

Begin here please:


PS: thanks @Ircghost … I guess also, that your assumption is correct. Thanks for your help

Update on what I have now. I downloaded the Beta navigraph and ended up with page which shows that the MSFS2000 has been recognised. However that it all I have. There is a remove button which I assume will remove different elements of the Beta programme. As for it showing in the Flight sim there is nothing there. I think I recall somewhere that there id another download to be done before Navigraph will work. This has to be additionally paid for. Where it is, what it is and why once I have paid for N’graph why do I need to buy the one essential item for it to work.
In short I am no further forward than I was before I contacted your help.

you wrote: You have installed the beta-client and you see the removal button on it … that´s great because this means, you have all done correctly and the AIRAC (which you see beside the remove-button) is installed.

You can also check it directly in the sim:
Start the sim goto Profile -> Content Manager and look for Navigraph … you should then see following entry:

This is the ultimate check, if the navdata package is really loaded correctly in the sim. When you see it, you have all done correctly.

One word about the remove-button:
It removes the whole navdata-package from your sim. You can remove-install the AIRAC per cycle period as often you want. There is no limit and you must remove-install possible future revision, which will be released during a period.

Currently (due the beta-phase), we have not activate the automatism for this. Hope that helps. Let us know, when you have still troubles with it. Thank you and beside all of that: HAPPY NEW YEAR :wink:


Thanks Richard Navigraph is showing as installed. Do I now take it that the MSFS2020 flight planner access Navigraph automatically as it sets up any given flight then sends it to the FMC installed in the current aircraft I have chosen to use. eg. Airbus 320 or the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


Yes Mick, when the Navigraph package is installed - the underlying navdata are completely disabled (but not removed). Therefore, you can every time switch back to the stock navdata, when you simple press the “remove” button in the Navigraph beta client.

This option is good because then you can switch, whenever you want and when something went wrong, you can test the same with the stock data without re-installing the whole sim.


Sorry to be a pain but one final detail to clarify. On the B787 FMC the Nav Data AIRAC has the following in the right hand position ( ACTIVE.D EC03DEC30/30 ) Nothing relating to 2021 . The old cycle would have read 2101 as far as I can recall the old format.

Mick. Slowly getting there. At 81 I must be one of the older simmers out there.

Hi Mick,
no problem … the ident pages will currently not be updated in the sim. This can only be done by ASOBO at the moment, so we must wait on the next patch, that they update this information also. We have added the AIRAC information according the SDK but it looks like, that this will not be recognize by the sim. Sorry.

Richard (I´m 31 years younger :-))

Thanks once again for your time and understanding over the problems I had. It looks like the page where you could set up a flight plan then transfer it to the designated aircraft has gone in the new Navigraph.