Fms data manager keeps telling me to purchase

FMS data manager keeps telling me i have to purchase when i am up to date and purchased already . this happens when i try to update to the latest.

Hi… ,


I see there are two accounts in your name. Make sure you have signed into the account with your subscription.

Please let us know how you get on.


Could you send me a reset password forgot mine

Try signing out then signing in using Forgot your password option.


I don’t know which one that is

I recently bought a subscription and everytime I try to update my fms data, it says I don’t have an account, So i press the “get account” button then it says error 404


If you try again now, is it still saying you don’t have an account?


yes, it says I don’t have access to FMS data


You have a subscription to FMS Data. Can you double check that you have signed in using the Juliuusss account (see Settings). If the problem persists, then please upload a screenshot of the FMS Data Manager Settings screen here.



I am pretty new to this application but i am sure i have an account

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