Unable to update FMS data

When I select update to update my FMS data, I get message saying “You don’t have access to FMS data.
Would you like to purchased?” I have a active subscription.



In case you have more than one account, check you are logging into FMS Data Manager with the account which has your subscription.


I’m not aware of another account that’s active, Nothing changed on my account since the last update that worked fine. How can I check which account it’s referring to?

At the top right of the program, in your case I believe it should say “Welcome bigmack. The current AIRAC cycle is 2106”.

If it shows some other username, you’re probably logged in with a different account and can log out by going to “Settings” and clicking “Unregister Account” near the top.

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Up in the top right corner it says “Welcome bigmack. The current AIRAC cycle is 2106,

I attached 3 screen shots of the problem I’m having.

Thanks for the info. Sorry for the delay, I’m following up with the team and will get back to you as soon as we have an answer on what the issue might be.

Until we sort this out, you should still be able to install your FMS data formats manually if you’d like. Simply go to this page, click “FMS Data Manual Installation”, and download the installers for the formats you’d like to update.

Hi again, could you try updating your FMS Data Manager? We noticed you are using a really old version ( whereas the current version is It’s possible that’s the cause of the issue.

You can download the latest version here: https://navigraph.com/account/downloads/fmsdm

Thanks for your help. I just un installed the older version and re downloaded I hope was the latest version and it’s working now thanks again

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