FMS Data import In MFS2020

Actually, we must use an beta program for import navdata in mfs2020.
Actually there is important constraint, (uninstall and reinstall, error if run twice, and many nav data not import in fs2020.
I hesidate tu use this module who erase original navdata fs2020
what are your opinions on this module?

When navigraph will propose an import directly from navigraph interface ?

Thank you for your response.

Hi Philippe,
cool first posting … First of all welcome here in our forum and at Navigraph.

To your question:
You must nothing … You don’t need to install anything. You have a default database in-game which will also be updated regulary. We don’t delete nor override any stock data from the sim. When you press the remove button, the application deletes our files from the community folder, remove the line in the scenery file and set the in-game data back to default.

Nothing more and nothing else. The beta program is important for us to see, what issues can be found, what would we could easier and what is working as expected.

As you know, the sim is still very dynamically and the SDK is still not complete, therefore its important to us, not be a game breaker which results in CTDs or similar else.

We will release it official, when we are ready and when we have the feeling, that we have a stable product.


PS: … and last, you still can export the flightplans directly from the charts and can import it directly in MSFS