Navdata beta for MSFS2020 intaller

Please point me toward a link to download this. Many thanks.

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Hi David,
there are a own FAQ category in the MSFS Navdata Beta category:


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Thanks for your response, Richard.

MSFS shows in the content manager that a navigraph is installed and is a “place holder”.

That said i downloaded and installed to a separate folder on my desktop.

I’ve been through your FAQ.

In the CRJ it shows an our of date database.


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Well still unable to get the beta functioning.

… but it would be helpful to get more details as “unable to get the beta functioning”. What does this mean? What have ypu done till now? Screenshots of any error messages? … ???


I’ve downloaded what I think is the beta (from links alleging to be it). may I ask you to provide another link please. I have run this. seems to install, cant find it anywhere and inside of MSFS there is only a “placeholder” making reference to the msfs navigraph fms data. Also, just want to confirm that this runs separate to the already i use FMS date forp3d, XP etc?
Thanks for your trouble. I am a long time customer.

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