Beta testing, is it neccessary?

Hello,I am wondering if I really need the beta update on my computer because when I used the Navigraph Data Manager for Little Nav Map ,it gives me the latest Cycle N2104 and this is for MSFS2020,am I to assume that this data is incorrect?Thanks.benibaz.

Hi Barry,
when you import the MSFS2020 into LNM you import the stock data from NavBlue when you don´t have installed our navdata-update. That means you are using two different sources. Normally no problem, but the sources have differences in the completeness, in the name of waypoints in the actuality, due possible closed/renamed runways, …

Therefore we are highly recommend to be in sync, so that the sim uses the same database, as all aircrafts, as all external tools also. When you have installed the navdata-update for MSFS2020 and when you important the data in LNM, you have really a 1:1 view of all data which are 100% compare-able with our charts.

Summary - no it is not necessary, but we would recommend it to avoid a mess on data-information (part from NavBlue, a part from Jeppesen and when you are using the AS CRJ possible a part from Lido - three different source). To avoid questions, why you can´t select a procedure, a waypoint or an airway in application x but not in application y. Thats only a few reasons, why you should stay in sync, on the same database.

Hope that helps,