737 max not updated

Hello, recently updated the nav data of my xplane 11. Then downloaded an aircraft the following day, it says nav data out of date. I updated my xplane 11 again using the FMS Manager but still aircraft says nav data out of date , any possible way i can be able to fix this?

From which addon do you speak here?
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sorry i didnt get your question , add on you mean which aircraft?

Yes, from which developer/publisher - what is the exact name of the addon what you´re trying to update … 737 max is the aircraft type. As an example “FlightFactor B777” or “JRollon CRJ”, …

We need this exact information to look, which datasource your addon uses.

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correct , the developer is Max Team Design website. Thank you

Ah thank you and this addon uses the XP11 default data right? That means, when you have updated the XP11 with the current cycle, it should also be updated this addon? When yes and you have updated your XP11 data successfully, I would ask in their forum because I don´t know anything about this addon. Sorry.


Was this ever resolved for the Maxteam Design aircraft?


The Max Team Design aicraft seems to be a modified Zibo mod 737 which uses the default X-Plane 11 data. You update this using Navigraph FMS Data Manager with entry X-Plane 11 (11.50 +).


Yes you are correct which is what I have done. The zibo and other 737s do not give me this error. Neither does Level up. Any idea why the Max still has this issue?

I just downloaded AIRAC 2207 for the X-Plane 11 (11.50+) and get the following:

I get the same for default B737-800 and Zibo Mod 737.

So the navdata is fine.

Maybe post a screenshot of error and IDENT page using Guide to posting Screenshots


The Navdata in the FMC is correct but it still says out of date. does it matter?

If the dates in the Ident page are correct, maybe you are loading a situation with FS time/date outside these? Please see FAQ - Nav Data Out Of Date


I have tried everything. See the screenshot. For some reason I still get navigate out of date. What other suggestions and I am using system time.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 10.27.55 AM