737 max not updated

Hello, recently updated the nav data of my xplane 11. Then downloaded an aircraft the following day, it says nav data out of date. I updated my xplane 11 again using the FMS Manager but still aircraft says nav data out of date , any possible way i can be able to fix this?

From which addon do you speak here?
Thank you

sorry i didnt get your question , add on you mean which aircraft?

Yes, from which developer/publisher - what is the exact name of the addon what you´re trying to update … 737 max is the aircraft type. As an example “FlightFactor B777” or “JRollon CRJ”, …

We need this exact information to look, which datasource your addon uses.

Thank you,

correct , the developer is Max Team Design website. Thank you

Ah thank you and this addon uses the XP11 default data right? That means, when you have updated the XP11 with the current cycle, it should also be updated this addon? When yes and you have updated your XP11 data successfully, I would ask in their forum because I don´t know anything about this addon. Sorry.