PLN File not recognised in MSFS2020

Exported my Flight Plan to MSFS and they do not show up when trying to import in the sim, FLT Files only show up … Any ideas

Beta Navigraph

Once in the cockpit MSFS only allows to load *.flt files. But in the flight planner you shouldn’t have any problems loading *.pln files.



Exactly Dirk - thanks for your help! Much appreciated …

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Thank you Dirk I will remember that in future

Hi Dirk

I just loaded a flight plan from Simbrief into Navigraph and loaded the same flight plan into MSFS2020 and the one in MSFS2020 is not the same. Both F/P’s are exactly the same in Navigrapgh and Simbrief

Just came across this …Will try next flight

Make sure you don’t change the departure position (to a gate, for example) after loading the route. FS2020 currently has a bug which clears the imported route when you do this.

I studied how to solve this problem and wrote about it at FS2020 forum.

Here is a link.

Problem is format of coordinates.

Yeah that can definitely mess up the flight plan, but only if you change the gate in the airport details when you zoom in on the map. Changing it in the drop down at the top is usually safe.

Though what you’re seeing could also be something else, like e.g. what @Tabl0515 mentioned earlier…


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