flight plan disappears when loading saved flight

Hello, I am trying to load (resume) a flight that I created with a flight plan (with simbrief or navigraph charts), but unfortunately the flight plan was not loaded with the flight. The plane is in the exact position and altitude but the flight plan disappears from the MCDU. Aren’t flight plans saved automatically with flight files (.flt)? Thank you



In order for us to replicate and assist, please detail the steps you are taking to create and load the flight plan.

Is the plan being created in Navigraph Charts or SimBrief?
Where are you saving it?
For which aircraft and which FS are you trying the load the plan?
Maybe posts some screenshots using Guide to posting Screenshots


Thank you for your help.
sorry for my english because i speak french

to answer your questions:

  • I am using MSFS2020 pc store version
  • I create my flight plans with Navigraph Charts and SimBrief
  • I export them to the folder: c:… AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState
  • I usually play with Airbus A320 (MSFS and FlyByWire) and B787
  • In World Map, I load my flight plan and I do different actions:
  • I click directly on “start the flight”
  • I save my flight plan in MSFS format
  • I save the flight before starting my flight

during the flight, I save my flight again.
if I go back to the main menu, and when I load my flight (from .flt), the flight plan can be loaded. but as soon as I leave MSFS or if I create another flight, the first flight that I created is no longer includes the flight plan, knowing that if I choose my flight and before clicking on start, the plan is displayed in preview (this proves that the flight plan is attached to the flight but cannot be loaded into the MCDU). It’s as if the flight plan is temporarily saved in MSFS.

Thank you in advance for your precious help


If I understand you correctly you save a loaded flight in flt format in MSFS , load it and are not seeing it load correctly in FBW MCDU?

I suggest this is an MSFS or FBW issue rather than Navigraph. I suggest you ask in the respective forums.


indeed, the flight plan is not loaded in the MCDU of the FBW as well as other aircraft.

I contacted MSFS support and they reported that this is a general issue (unresolved bug till now) and the only solution is to reload the flight plan into MCDU.

is there a way to load flight plans into the MCDU from files (.pln) created with navigraph or simbrief? because it is painful to manually enter the flight plan point by point.

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Please see thread at


thank for your help.
i will try this option.

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