Problems with flightplans

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Hi ,

Thanks for NAVIGRAPH which is a great software. I use it regularly with FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2020 but I have a problem. My plane doesn’t follow the route on the NAVIGRAPH map as you can see on my screen shots when it follows it thourougly on the FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2020 one. I don’t understand why because my AIRACS are up to date. I’ve got the same problem with LITTLE NAVMAP

5 flight plans.

Thanks very much for your help

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Hello Michel! Welcome to the forum.

How are you loading the flightplan into MSFS2020? If you’re exporting the file from Navigraph Charts to the simulator using a .pln file, you need to make sure not to change any parameters once the flightplan has been loaded. This includes changing the approach/runway, gate, etc through the planning interface inside the simulator.

The reason for this is that the simulator automatically re-calculates the whole route using its own route calculator upon any changes.

Please advise if you have taken this into account and still experience the issue!


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