Charts for Windows couldn't get flightplan from in-game panel

In the previous version of the desktop app, I could create a flightplan in MSFS, load the flightplan in the in-game panel, then open the desktop Charts app, then I get a choice of loading MSFS flightplan. But not anymore in the new version. What am I missing? This is one of the most used functions for me, i hope it wasn’t taken away.


In MSFS, Save the flight plan, noting where it is saved.

In Charts 8, Unload any loaded flight, in Flights Import Flight , Import from File, navigate to where you saved the flight plan in MSFS, click on saved flight plan.



Thanks for the reply, I knew that I could export and import, actually the easiest way is to copy the flight path as text and paste it into Charts 8 as a new flight plan, I was just hoping that feature wasn’t taken away and the behavior is just a temporary bug or something.

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