Flight Category symbol is inconsistent with METAR information

With the Weather overlay, METAR Flight Category, the colored dots on the map are often inconsistent with the METAR panel on the left when clicking on the dot.
See screenshot as an example, where the dot is green, yet the METAR panel shows blue MVFR category, or the other example where the dot is green but the field is labeled IFR.

Hello! Sorry for the late response, this post went under our radar.

Since this was posted, a lot has changed in response to several other topics with similar issues. It should work a lot better today!

If you’re interested, here’s one of the recent ones:

I am confident that any of the issues that were part of the issue originally posted in this topic no longer exist, and will therefore mark this topic as solved.

If you find any new issues, please let us know and we’ll happily look into it!

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