Weather information mismatches

Hi Navigraph team,

First of all, I really love the new features you introduced into Charts 8! However, as a real life pilot, I can say that some things do not seem to look right on the new weather features.

First of all, the wind visualisation feature is really great but the wind barbs are pointing in the wrong direction. They point towards where the wind is coming from. METARs usually show the wind for instance as 230 @ 20, which means wind coming from 230 deg with 20kts, however the wind barb point towards 230deg, not from… This is very confusing

The Flight category icon doesn’t seem to always work either. I have shown an example where the category should be MVFR (ie MV or blue) with overcast at 1400ft and the icon is green

Visibility shows strange behaviour also, I have an example here where an airport shows “4” of visibility (which I assume means 4000m), but the visibility is 8000m…

Hello! Sorry for the late reply, this went under our radar.

I have moved and renamed your topic since it was not a feature request but rather an issue report.

Are you still having these issues? Since you posted this, we have made several updates that should directly affect these reported issues. Perhaps they are now fixed?

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Hi Skysail,

the visibility colour coding seems to have been fixed, however the flight category (which should be kind of a “worst of” visibility and ceiling) and the wind direction indicator/pointer issues still persists

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Could you post a few new examples of flight categories being incorrect? The only remaining reason why this could happen is that the weather information on the map updates less frequently than the one you see in the METAR information menu. In your screenshot, the METAR in the menu was updated 6 minutes ago which means that this could very well be the reason!

This is not “wrong” - it is your opinion that it is confusing to look at and I would somewhat agree with you. The report does say that wind is coming from a certain direction, not moving in a certain direction.

This means that none of the options are wrong, it’s just a matter of subjective opinion and how you are used to thinking of wind directions. Just think of one of these for example:

Of course, in aviation, it is common to use a windsock instead. In that case, it is less clear if the windsock is pointing in the direction of the wind or against the direction it is coming from. It could be both - depending on how you look at it!

I can ask the team if there has been any particular reason behind our choice and see if they’d be open to switching it around. But as it stands - it is intentionally visualized this way and it is not incorrect.

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Good news! I checked with the team and they were not against switching it around. The wind indicators should now align with your expectations!

I would still happily take a look at any instances of incorrect flight categories, just keep the 5-minute cache in mind!

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Thank you Skysail. This is great1 I believe this is indeed much more in line with how wind is actually represented in aviation conventions. I understand your point, but the reason why this convention is in place is because it immediately gives you which runway you need to land on (wind for 270, runway 27 in use, simple…). I will find examples of the flight category, the way it is also working (if you have Foreflight, just take a look at their convention), is that it takes the “worst of” visibility and ceiling. If ceiling is “blue” and visibility is “red”, flight category will be red, not blue.

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We use the FAA definition, which can be visualized like this:

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