[Feature Suggestion] Color coded symbols for weather

Really enjoying Charts 8, also the included VFR map is excellent. However, what i am missing is a quick way to view the weather for airports in the vicinity. You have to click on the airport, click open airport, go to information and then go to weather.

Especially when flying VFR it would be nice to have quicker access to weather. Other services like ForeFlight and SkyVector utilize color coded symbols to indicate the weather (for example green for VFR conditions, blue for marginal VFR, red for IFR and pink for low/limited IFR). In my opinion this would be a great addition to the already excellent VFR Map.

Additionally it might be convenient to include the METAR in the popup window when clicking on an airport symbol. I personally think that is more relevant than some of the information that is currently shown.

I have searched around the forum a bit, couldn’t find posts mentioning similar suggestions.

As a long term user and enjoyer of Navigraph services, keep up the great work!



This is indeed on our roadmap, and will come along with other weather overlays (winds, clouds, icing, precipitation, etc) quite soon.

Kind regards,


Hi Stephen,

That is excellent news! Looking forward to the implementation. Thanks for your swift reply.