HHelp needed with making sure AIRAC matches with FP and Sim

This is probably something I am doing wrong. I will mention things that may not be relavent probably, but im not exactly confident with computers compared to some people

Anyway , now the sim is installed succesfully on C::confused: . Anyway I imported a flightplan into the A330 (and ive tested it on omultipkle aircraft) and xp 12 is giving me the message the AIRAC used in sim and simbrief does not match the airac used to generate the flightplan . 2211 are indicated in both Navigraph data ,manager and navigraph. FMS manager is on my F drive Xplane is on C:/. I am on steam.

Do I need to remove xplane data out the cipf file? Or have I misunderstood something ive read.


Make sure you have updated SimBrief to AIRAC 2211. Re Generate the plan in SimBrief. Check your X-Plane 12 aircraft is showing AIRAC 2211 version and dates in the FMS/MCDU. Maybe post a screenshot of this to confirm using Guide to posting Screenshots .

Please post a screenshot of the error message.


Firstly apologies I didnt follow up before now, not had chance to use the sim much the last day o r so

I have done a quick screenshot , inside the 737 . This is the default database ??

Ive noticed the last day or so , I am no longer getting the message airacs dont match with simbrief . I dont use the 737 , so I will add a screenshot just to make sure I am reading this correctly .

I meant to add plugin manager now seems to indicate that mavigraph data is reaching the sim and moving maps is definetly working (theres issues with the g1000 not following courses, although that is probably user error on my part, being a newbie in relative terms) and not a navigraph issue)

It seems your issues are resolved?


It seems as if that issues is sorted yes, thanks (Something myaybe going on with with the Airfoil labs 172 with AP , but unsure at this moment if its a navigraph issue causing the AP Nav issues) As I say apologies I didnt really definitvely say Id resolved it until now, to be honest I needed to spend more tinme with the sim today before I could say it was sorted.

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