Fenix EFB Navigraph High / Low Airways not displaying

Navigraph works well on the Fenix A320 EFB, but I am unable to display High and Low Airways for some reason.


I have the same issue - only since the last week or so. I’ve tried signing in and out, reimporting from Simbrief, and I don’t get any airways charts on the Fenix EFB.

I have the same problem. Is there an answer from Navigraph or a solution to our problem?

Same here too. Still not fixed??


We’re still checking this with Fenix.



Thank you for the feedback. :+1:

Hi guys, its an error due to infrastructure changes on our side. Fenix devs are aware and will release an update to fix the problem.

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So we will have to wait until v2 is out… I don’t think they will release any updates until v2…

This issue is still there even after V2 release. Any update?

This issue is still there even after V2 release. Any update?

We have reached out to them about this but have not yet received a response yet. If you want Fenix to look into this, you would probably have better success by reaching out to them directly!

Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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Also - make sure that you sign out and then in again after the update.

We just got word from the Fenix developers that it should be working and that they did fix the original issue, so please report your issues to them so they can look into it!

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Another update: Seems like they have found a bug which will be fixed in the next version!

I’m sure there is a better source than our forum to go to in order to know when this is released, but unfortunately I don’t know where!