Avitab/Navigraph Update?

Probably the best flying aid after Navigraph itself, I don’t know how I’d get anywhere without the Avitab EFB plug-in.
But I lost the high and low airways (only had blank red screen) and after reloading Avitab ( usually fixes any issues), I have airways visible again, but the focus is now really poor, and the map itself is very cluttered, with a great deal of information I don’t really need all the time.
If this is indeed an update by you guys, is there anyway of introducing a filter into the Avitab settings box, to weed out some of the less crucial flying aids.
As it is now, you have to study the airways map very closely to discern exactly the information you are looking for….which is less than helpful in a busy or complex airport approach.

Hi there! Thank you for the feedback.

We have not changed anything, but Avitab has recently been updated to support our new VFR tiles! Is that what you are seeing? You should still be able to see the old IFR low/high map. If it is simply too small, see if there is a setting to turn on large-scale maps! We provide two different sizes, but it is up to the developer to implement them.

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