Feature suggestion - Show VATSIM controllers on enroute chart

This was just kind of a shower thought earlier today, but for us flying on VATSIM it would be cool if airspace with online VATSIM ATC would be highlighted on the enroute chart.

I know it might be tricky to implement, with controllers bandboxing sectors etc. But there is an open source vatsim data project which is used for displaying controllers in the VatSpy software, maybe reach out to them?


Welcome to our new forum. I too have creative thoughts under the shower :grinning:
Integrating our online providers is on the potential enhancements list for Charts. Your suggestion will be considered.


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A feature for weather when routing perhaps?



Hi Patric,

Yes we are looking at the possibility of including weather in an enhanced Charts release.


Great shower ideas! ATC integration for VATSIM and IVAO (let’s make everyone happy! lol) and weather, perhaps some kind of connection with Windy.com?

In any case, either would be exceptionally good.
Shame I have no knowledge of how to do such thing, but billions of kudos if you guys can make it!!

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