Feature request, distance measuring tool on the desktop charts

I have some feature requsts for future updates on navgraph online maps.

  1. when I set up a flight plan, navighraph gives me distance and directions for all legs apart from the last, why? distance and direction should be given for all legs including any selected arrival and approach legs.
  2. a measure tool would be most welcome. where we could measure direction and distance between points of our choice.

I tried to setup an 1980’s type of RNAV between (not to and from) VOR’s this required to know the distance & radial from the VOR to my intended cource and flight path and can only be done using
different softwares.

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Hello Howard! Welcome back!

The enroute legs (purple) are always point-to-point, which is not guaranteed to be the case for procedures - rather the opposite. I guess it could even be misleading in some cases since procedures are meant to be flown based on the information provided in the related charts - not necessarily a series of headings. Overall this is a tricky thing to achieve - especially when procedures look like this:

If you have any suggestions that would make handling this more feasible, feel free to share your thoughts!

This is a planned feature, although not at the top of the priority list at the moment as we’re currently focusing hard on weather features. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause!

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I will have to echo what haga2000 said, a measurement tool would be extremely helpful. I fly older aircraft and use a lot of calculations for decent where knowing distance would be beneficial. With that said, I am very happy with Navigraph.


Please see this wishlist topic, I believe that it covers this use case. Feel free to add your vote!
If it does not fulfill your requirements, please add a comment to that topic.

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