Add a distance/bearing ruler

Please add the ability to click from point A to point B and have the distance/bearing displayed.


A ruler that lets users place two waypoints to measure the distance between and the heading.
In addition maybe measuring the distance from the user’s current location to a waypoint


I have moved your Wishlist post to this post to consolidate the same suggestion. Don’t forget to add your vote.


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Thank you Ian, apologies for the double wish. I hope this feature can get implemented.

Just want to bring this up as I also would like to have such tools, like in Little NavMap.
Helps a lot and makes fun to determinate my position

left click on map, menu opens with options, start a line from a point to measure things with distance heading etc

I also would love to get this feature. Especially for VFR I want to determine distances or plan headings for flying from/to VORs.

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Is this something that is still planned?

Would love to this implemented!

It is on the roadmap! Right after some of the ones in this forum section that have received even more votes. We can clearly see that this is a good candidate for a future update though!

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Good Afternoon

Could you also implement a function that allows or displays distance and even estimated time from a selected point, click spot or even flight plan.

For example…if a controller ask how far are you from final or estimated time to next waypoint. Or if you’re communicating a position report.

Thanks for the consideration

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I am eagerly awaiting this feature and very happy that it is on the roadmap.

Thanks very much.

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Yes, please add this, and make it an intuitive feature for radio navigation!

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Any news regarding this?

Even free webpages like SkyVector provide decent distance and bearings.

This should be a priority IMHO…

No news at the moment! We hear that you would like this to be prioritized, but that is exactly what this forum section is for. Looking at the current status, 5 other topics have currently received more votes, and we are currently working on two of them!

Thanks for understanding!

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Just to chime in here, I’m a relatively new subscriber and have been making extensive use of charts but this feature is genuinely one I would absolutely love to have in the charts app for flying VFR or VORs. Have added my vote!

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There is a lot of features being asked for that are not really necessary for navigation. Why not focus on what’s needed, then add the cool stuff later? :hugs:

Also, maybe it´s there, but do you list nautical miles to closest waypoints from TOC and TOD (previous and next)?

You are more than welcome to have your own opinion on what you’d like us to focus on, but it is quite clear to us that an integration with online networks would be more useful to more people than this feature. That said, a ruler function is quite high on the list of requested features, so it will happen at some point! Feel free to encourage your friends to vote for this to increase its visibility.

Not at the moment. You may find these topics interesting:

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If your main group of people are gamers pretending to be airline pilots at home, they probably don’t care, but without any way to measure distance and bearings, I don’t understand how your Chart app can replace a physical map? Personally I’m not really interested in much interactive (bridge) features at all, only interested in a good map, basic bearing tools, and charts to read. Being able to click on a point in the map, and get distance and bearing to closest navaid would be a great improvement. Sorry if my response seems blunt, but it’s a bit frustrating to see this awesome ecosystem of flight planning, maps and chart, lack basic navigation functionality… and your solution is not free, so having to also buy physical maps for the areas I fly, or finding a different service, is not on the top of my wish list :sweat_smile:

Also, I’m really not an expert here; but regarding distances from and to the nearest waypoints to calculated TOC and TOD points, is that not essential information in any flight planning system? Maybe I’ve not read the SimBrief readings properly? To be clear, I was referring to SimBrief functionality and not the Charts app when asking about this feature. I should perhaps start a separate thread about this, if it’s simply not something I overlooked.

I agree! It’s great that the community is now able to vote for this, much like they can vote for other features they feel strongly about! People tend to vote for the features that would make their lives easier first and then features that would be “more realistic” second. Measuring bearing/distance is not part of the average user’s workflow today, but for some scenarios, it becomes crucial to have!

This is a popular request and it is already on our “to-do list”, but we are a small developer team and we need to prioritize. Thanks for understanding!

A full navlog, including TOC and TOD, is provided by SimBrief when you plan a flight. The waypoints are also shown on the map. This is also mentioned in the previously linked topic. If you have any issues with it or you don’t see any such waypoints, feel free to create a new topic yes!

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Thanks, regaring TOC and TOD, not really interested in seeing them on the Chart map, but would like to know their distance to the closest waypoint on the actual route. Both for GPS planning and for actual flying. How many NM before and after the two closest waypoints on the route. I did not see NM for the legs in the SimBrief pdf-file, but maybe I overlooked it?

I don’t understand that use case to be honest, it sounds like something that should be part of the flight computer onboard the aircraft. If you want, you can always create a dedicated topic and outline the use case with some motivations as to how it would help users!