Distance-Bearing Ruler (foreflight style)

Hi there! I love the charts and the app as they’re incredibly useful, especially flying outside of the US. I switched from foreflight to navigraph seamlessly, but the one thing I keep going back to foreflight for (while my sub is still active, but I’ve since cancelled) is the ability to draw a ruler showing distance and bearing between two points. I usually fly VFR and I find myself drawing out a line between a VOR and something like an airport, or another VOR to get the bearing between the two points, along with the distance.

I know that I can create an explicit route to fly and that can show me the distance/bearing between waypoints, but even this sometimes doesn’t work very well (looks like if it’s only two waypoints it doesn’t show the bearing/distance?) and it’s a bit awkward having to use the route input to try and get this information.

thanks for all that the team does!